Mercados Financeiros EN

Financial Markets

Investing in financial markets involves a set of risks that legitimately generates concerns for investors of many different profiles.

BPG FINANCIAL MARKETS provides its clients with the possibility of making their financial investments through a professional team specialized and fully qualified to act in the complex but inevitable world of the financial markets, pursuing the maximization of returns and risk mitigation.  

Asset Management
  • Professionals who accompany the financial markets permanently;
  • Identification and analysis of investment opportunities;
  • Profile, parameters and limits of action adjusted to the client;
  • Profitability of asset management vs. benchmarks;;
  • Detailed information on portfolio movements and performance;
  • Optimization of customer time management.
  • Convenience, speed and security in orders transmitted to the market;
  • Access to stock, bonds and other markets;
  • Transmission of orders by e-mail, fax or telephone;
  • Possibility of direct access to the BPG Trading Room;
  • Decision on financial investments with recommendations of specialized professionals;
  • Information on the evolution of the main financial markets;
  • Movements and impacts in the portfolio made available at any time;
  • Recommendation of movements;
  • Optimization of the client’s investments.

Investors and Investments in good hands.